How to Share Audible Content with your Amazon Household allows you to add all the people who live in your household (such as your family) to your Prime account so they can share all your stuff. It works great for eBooks, Prime videos, and Music, but some of Amazon’s other properties aren’t integrated as nicely. has been part of Amazon since 2008, but even in 2018, not everything is smooth in the handoff between the services. Sharing audio books you own on is possible! It’s just a bit tricky, and can be a hair-rending experience to set up.

We’re bald now, but after 3 days of searching for these instructions, here they are for you on a pixel platter:

  1. Both of you: Create an Amazon Household. (I mean, come on, right?)
  2. Sharer: Go to “Manage your Content,” change the content filter to “Audiobooks,” and explicitly share specific audiobooks with the Family Library.
  3. Sharee: From the family member’s account, go to “Manage your Devices
  4. Sharee: Choose the device, and check “Show [other person]’s content”
  5. Sharee: From family member’s Audible app, choose Cloud (rather than Device), then hit refresh.



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