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Some would say I am obsessed with Google Calendar (henceforth known as The Calendar.) Or, ironically, that I have “too much free time.” I track every half hour-sized activity from work tasks and social outing to my ideal amount of sleep.

Something it didn’t have? Enough extensions from Google Labs. As far as I could tell, these additions haven’t changed much since Google Calendar first debuted. What I truly wanted to see was some color highlighting to indicate when daylight hours were. As it turns out, the best way to get this feature was to write it myself with a Chrome extension.

The result is the free Chrome extension Daylight for Google Calendar.

Busy calendar
Addicted 2 events… seriously… this is a cry for help.
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We live in a golden age of technology and possibilities, but we still repeat the same mistakes humans have always made. Around 29 centuries ago, the ancient Greeks analyzed a ton of these mistakes and distilled what they learned into useful tidbits for avoiding them in the future.

“Know Thyself” is the most famous of the Delphic maxims, ancient commands/advice attributed to either the Oracle at Delphi or the Seven Sages of Greece, but the other 146 maxims are equally striking.

Seven Sages
Seven Sages
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